Cricket and Mud Brick


This is Cricket.


This is Mud Brick.

A long time ago, Cricket and Mud Brick were best friends. They walked deep into the forest every day to gather firewood.

They spent a few hours talking and gathering small pieces of wood. By chance, they both noticed a huge piece of firewood on the road.

Cricket and Mud Brick soon started arguing over who found it first.

They fought over the firewood, getting angrier and angrier. Pretty soon, they stopped talking to each other. They agreed to leave the piece of firewood where they found it.

Cricket and Mud Brick wandered silently through the forest. After a while, they came to a big river. They needed to cross it to get back home, and Cricket always carried Mud Brick across the river.

Cricket was still angry at Mud Brick and wanted to get away from him.

Cricket jumped in the river and swam across it, leaving Mud Brick on the wrong side of the river by himself.

"Wait! Help me across! I can?t swim!" pleaded Mud Brick, but Cricket ignored him.

Cricket turned his back on his friend and made a fire to warm himself up.


“That will teach him,” Cricket thought. He refused to help his friend.


Finally, Mud Brick decided to do something.


“I have to stop whining,” he said to himself. “I’ll use my firewood to float across the river.”

Mud Brick dropped the firewood into the river and jumped in after it.

“Oh, no!”

The river water rushed past Mud Brick and knocked him off the firewood. Down he sank into the cold, dark river water.

The rushing water pulled him under, slowly dissolving his body into mud and carrying him away with the current.

When Cricket saw this, he stood up and laughed loudly. He laughed so hard that he tripped and fell forward into the fire.

He burned his whole body!


That’s why the Cricket’s body is black and crispy, and he walks around all day in pain, saying,

“Eeee! Eeee! Eeee!”



Always help your friends!